WWII Thailand on Youtube

Some idle soul has done the world a favour by amalgamating wartime newsreel clips from the British Pathé and Japanese NHK archives.

As the running time is quite substantial, what follows is a breakdown of the bits of most interest to wargamers (not that the rest isn’t worth watching, particularly for those wishing to see a leafy Bangkok unsullied by today’s congestion):

00:04 Primary school members of the Yuwachon youth movement participating in irredentist marches.

0:54 Arrival of a Laffly S15R bearing Japanese mediators.

00:59 French troops, including one cheeky-looking chap in a non-regulation beret.

01:42 Thai reservists presenting arms to the Franco-Thai-Japanese armistice commission.

01:51 Thai Madsen team.

02:13 Thai victory parade on Ratchadamnern Avenue.

02:24 Infantry contingent.

02:59 Ford AA trucks towing Krupp mountain guns.

03:10 Vickers 2pdr carriers.

03:16 Carden-Loyd tankettes.

03:23 Ha-Go tanks.

03:58 Japanese troops enter Bangkok.

06:15 Victory Monument opening ceremony.

06:40 Thai army marching band.

07:05 Thai troops in full field uniforms.

07:23 Navy sailors.

07:32 Yuwanari members of the Yuwachon movement.

14:40 Arrival of Japanese Prime Minister Tojo at Don Muang airport.

16:39 Vickers 6-Ton tanks.

17:06 Thai navy marines.


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