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Elhiem ARVN

Speed painted these earlier today.

I think Matt’s done a wonderful job of portraying the tight-fitting uniforms.  The sculpting is a far cry from his earlier efforts, and while he has yet to get the helmets right, the poses are nothing short of terrific. The fellow cautiously advancing is a stunner, and it’s a shame that there aren’t more like him. Another plus is their versatility; in addition to being near perfect Cold War Thais, they can also moonlight as FANK and Royal Lao troops, among others.



In addition to the above I also did this chap from the MIKE Force pack. Probably my favourite of the bunch. Again, perfect for all the irregular sorts you’d encounter in the third world, from Vang Pao’s secret army to South American rebels.

To be honest I must admit to being quite chuffed with the colours. So much so that I’m going to post them here, primarily for my own benefit, in case I forget.

Uniform CDA Dark Earth – CDA Tank Drab
Flak Jacket VMC Russian Green – VMC Russian Uniform
Webbing VMC English Uniform – VMC Khaki
Helmet VMC Brown Violet
Boots VGC Black – VMC Black Grey
Flesh VMC Red Leather – Foundry Mediterranean Flesh C

If only I was skilled enough to attempt something a little more adventurous, like this:


Unfortunately the range is limited to one pack at the moment. And don’t expect any further additions any time soon either, as the firm – one of the very few that regularly churns out 20mm releases – seems to be preoccupied with all things ultra-modern. If anything, it’s the one reason why I won’t dive into the period, as I’m interested in the civil war aspect of the conflict, and not the American intervention.

So until Elhiem decides to do heavy weapons packs, I’m going to continue concentrating on my WWII stuff.