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Indians this time

The SHQ range of early war Commonwealth troops features some excellent poses and is comparable in quality to their Dutch, Polish and Cossack figures (I should point out that their recent French, Belgian and Italian releases are, in my humblest of opinions, less than inspiring).


Sadly the same cannot be said for their mould quality. In inspecting the contents of my packet – which, I should happily add, took a mere four days to arrive – I was dismayed to discover four severely miscast figures that simply had to be chucked away into the bin. That’s the equivalent of £2.75, or an entire pack of figures! Although the same fate thankfully didn’t befall the rest of my order, most (but not all) of the figures that were salvageable did require some considerable cleaning up. My advice would be for those in a hurry to order an extra pack or two in case you end up having to wait another week for replacements.



In painting them I used the following colours, all derived from the FOW painting guide.

Uniform VMC Iraqi Sand
Webbing, Turban and Socks VMC Khaki
Shoes VMC Black Grey
Flesh VPA New Wood
Water Bottle VMC US Field Drab

Sadly no one does figures wearing the distinctive Indian army topee, so for such beleaguered fellows as the 2nd KOYLI I’ll have to put up with SHQ’s South Africans.



For the two figures I used VPA Light Mud for their socks and webbing equipment.


somewhere in Malaya

Another picture from 2007