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even more Japanese

Actually finished these last week, but a trip up north precluded their being photographed.





More dipped Japanese

Against my better judgement I am fast becoming a convert to the Army Painter way of life painting – why spend half an hour working on one single figure when you can do twenty? At this rate I should have a regiment ready by the end of the month, now that I’m finally back in the painting saddle.


The figures  are from the old IT Figures range, which is currently available from S&A Scenics. While they aren’t stellar, unlike some other makes (Kelly’s Heroes and FAA immediately spring to mind) they are perfect for dipping/washing.





Speed painted Japanese

In my haste to complete another battalion the figures were given the Army Painter treatment. Really chuffed with the way they turned out… that is, until I noticed the amount of frosting on them. Can’t be bothered to fix them however, as that would sort of defeat the purpose.

DSC_0007S&A Japanese Infantry

DSC_0011-2A Type 38 Field Gun, packeted by SHQ as a “75mm Arisaka Field Gun” (code FBG 82)



Here’s a run down of the colours used:

Uniform VPA Highlight US Army Tank Crew
Webbing VMC Iraqi Sand
Helmet VMC English Uniform
Leather VMC Saddle Brown
Flesh GW Dwarf Flesh

quick post

These two were actually completed in March. For the officer’s uniform I used VMC US Olive Drab as the shadow colour; this was followed by successive layers of VPA Canvas and VPA US Army Tank Crew.


on the workbench

Like some other folks at the Guild I’ve been suffering from a severe bout of painter’s block. Thankfully the arrival of a packet of goodies from Grubby Tanks earlier this morning has managed to spur me into picking up a paint brush.

I’ve also been experimenting a bit, and for the following figure used the following combination:

Shirt: VPA Canvas – VPA Light Mud
Trousers: VPA Canvas – VPA US Army Tankcrew
Puttees: VPA Canvas washed with GW Devlan Mud
Helmet: VMC English Uniform washed with GW Badab Black
Webbing: VMC English Uniform – VMC Iraqi Sand

workbench peek

Nothing much I can say about the Grubby Tank’s new Japanese range, apart from the fact that they are absolutely brilliant and have displaced their Combat counterparts as my Japanese infantry of choice.

Britannia Japanese Infantry

These were done long ago for the Britannia-sponsored build over at the Guild.  I’ve got about another forty of them to complete, including a couple of guns. People either love or hate Britannia – personally, I think they’re fantastic.

With this lot I’ve decided to change my basing style. Inspired by examples from the following link, the bases were first given a coat of GW Graveyard Earth and then drybrushed with GW Bleached Bone. Noch static grass and Silflor tufts were then used to liven things up.