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Siamese Army Uniforms 1868-1921

In 1921 a remarkable little book was published by the Siamese ministry of defence.  Titled The Chronicle of the 1st Guards Infantry Regiment (ตำนานกรมทหารราบที่ ๑ มหาดเล็กรักษาพระองค์), it details the history, organisation, and uniforms of the formation since its inception early in the Fifth Reign up to the time the book was published. Best of all, perhaps, is the inclusion of 63  captioned photographic plates arranged in chronological order. Here are some of them.

Guards  officer and enlisted men, 1868.

Guardsman, 1869.

Guardsman in full dress uniform, 1872.

Guards sergeant, corporal and enlisted man, 1872.

Officer, 1873.

Cavalry Officer, 1874.

Officer in full dress uniform, 1874.

Officer, 1874.

Guards officer in mess dress uniform, 1879.

Guards officer and enlisted men in field uniforms, 1894.

Guards officer and sergeant in full dress uniform, 1898-1908.

Guardsmen, 1908-1912.

Guards subaltern and corporal in field uniform, 1908-1912.

Guards infantryman in field uniform, 1908-1912.

Infantry field uniforms, 1912-1919.

Infantry private and non-commissioned officer, 1912-1919.

Infantry field uniforms, 1919-1921.

Infantry uniforms, 1919-1921.

Interestingly enough all of the plates are reproduced as line drawings in the  “uniforms” section of the Royal Institute’s Encyclopaedia.


recent bits

I don’t think I’ve ever been busier than I was in December, and all that I’ve been able to complete for the entire month are these:

The vehicles were cast and assembled by the very talented David Reasoner of Moonlite Modelwerks, who can be reached at The Guild. The Carden-Loyd tankettes aren’t quite accurate, however, as the version the Thais used looks a lot less elaborate.