Elhiem Thais




4 responses to “Elhiem Thais

  1. Nice figures, well painted too

  2. Hi, there ! I’m in the process of gathering and painting a few 28mm Vichy French in Indochina for Bolt Action. I’m wondering if Italians in Adrian helmets (Empress Miniatures : http://www.empressminiatures.com/userimages/procart87.htm) could make some acceptable thais with the correct colors…

    • I personally would steer clear of the Empress CTV Italians, as nice as they are. For a scale as large as 28mm it would be difficult to get away with the open collars and ammunition pouches.

      If head swaps are to be avoided, I would suggest the Harlem Hellfighters from Brigade Games. The webbing may not be the Mills pattern that was worn by the rest of the American Expeditionary Force, but you can still get away with using them for Thai reservists, who had to make do with pre-WWI leather equipment (though you would do well to ignore their rifles!).

      Should you be feeling a little more adventurous there’s also the Old Glory range of 2nd Boer War British to consider…

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