Thai Machine Guns

Two “Type 66” (Browning M1917) teams from the wargaming world’s first ever range of WWII Thais. It was my intention to do up the battalion heavy weapons company in one go, but the late arrival of SHQ’s 37mm Bofors meant that these were done first.*


These were originally slated for completion on the heels of the staff officers, but an avalanche of work resulted in their being left to languish in a semi-finished state on the workbench for ages.


Don’t like the basing? Well neither do I! Not only was adding the tufts and clump foliage a right utter pain in the backside, but they ended up ruining the overall look. Basing is definitely a talent all on its own, and I shall henceforth stick to my static grass (I should also point out that some of the greats – Steve Dean, Andrew Taylor, and Kevin Dallimore – similarly eschew such extravagance).


One more reason I’m not too particularly chuffed with these is the fact that whilst Matt is a highly talented sculptor, the machine gunner is light years away from his usual (i.e. high) standards.



Note the unseemly short legs (the deformed shoes on the right figure is a miscast I noticed too late) . But as is the case with the Adrian helmet, when viewed from the side the defect is less glaring.



Well there you have it. Next up are a pair of battalion guns, to be followed by a bunch of tanks and the rest of the infantry. I’m saving the heavy artillery and trucks for last.

*While the Shell Hole Scenics version I first received is a beautiful little kit, I wanted a more curved gun shield and so ended up ordering another from SHQ.


3 responses to “Thai Machine Guns

  1. Sorry to advance a contrarian viewpoint, but for Asia, I really prize discordant, overgrown, clashing bases that are a pain in the neck to do. The tropics are like that. Bury your troops away in the undergrowth and they will look all the better for it IMHO. It will hide the dodgy shoe too :O)

    Kevin Dallimore? Pish, he’s a professional. Stick to your guns!

    Kind regards, Chris

    • Point well made Chris, though in my defence I should point out that the campaign pictures taken during the Thais’ Battambang campaign show a parched and somewhat sparsely wooded landscape not too much different from the plains of central and north-eastern Thailand. South-east Asia’s not all jungle you know – Slim’s tanks faced desert-like conditions during its reconquest of Burma. This, as you most probably are aware, is hardly the reason behind my choice of basing. I just haven’t got the skills!

  2. hi i have post a replay for you on my blog .
    Wonderfull and interesting blog i will follow your works bye

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