Panorama 1453

A short tram ride away from Istanbul’s hectic centre is the stunning Panorama 1453, a small underground museum dedicated to the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople. While it’s let down by a distinct lack of English language captions and some decidedly boring displays, the central panorama featuring the sort of artwork you’d expect from an Osprey book (and Peter Dennis in particular) is nothing short of spectacular.


As we didn’t go for the English audio guides I can’t comment on the official narrative’s balance and accuracy. Not too sure about the portrayals of the Byzantine defenders either; one fellow even looks like a Roman legionnaire from the 1st Century!

Other inaccuracies abound:

One other reason to visit the museum is its location right next to the old land walls (indeed, it’s supposedly the very spot the janissaries first managed to breach).


3 responses to “Panorama 1453

  1. Fantastic pictures, colors and details are great, absolty great!

  2. Another reason to go back to Istanbul. I missed this the first time!

  3. Great pics, thanks for posting.

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