Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

A small but spectacular museum dedicated to the Siamese capital’s 17th Century heyday. Hopefully these amazing dioramas will inspire a few gamers to put in a little more effort on the accuracy front (no giant Buddhas plopped in the middle of a field please!).



3 responses to “Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

  1. Yes, very nice. There are a number of similar museums located along the principal highway leading north – forgive me, but I’ve forgotten the number, 3 I believe – between Lopburi and Bangkok. If you do not read Thai, you’ll need a local guide – so to speak – or a set of directions written in Thai for a taxi driver. They do very beautiful work like this all over the country and if you ask politely they may permit extensive close-ups sufficient to assist the modeler. A donation never hurts, either. Beautiful.

  2. Hi. Do you have any tips on where to find asian and mainly japanese fortresses, houses terrain and more? I have a great library of scenery but now when i need asian i have almost nothing.

    Thanks in advance and i will sure follow your blog for this project.

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