dipped Foreign Legion

What little enthusiasm I had for these figures was destroyed while preparing and painting them, a process I found tedious and frequently infuriating. Why? Where to begin? First, there was far more flash than I had initially realised, some of which I failed to remove with my poor excuse for a modelling knife. I then proceeded to obscure the tiny details (well, they are tiny figures) by slathering  on an over-generous helping of PVA glue. This was followed by something much worse – in my impatience to get them finished I had rushed through the basing stage without allowing the glue sufficient time to dry, which meant that when it came time to spray prime the figures  five of them were instantly ruined. The surviving five can be seen here.

And thank god for the Army Painter dip! Painting them with my usual layering method would have been a nightmare. And before anyone starts wondering, I do not intend to use these for Bir Hakeim or anywhere else in the desert. They are supposed to represent legionnaires of the 5e REI in Indochina – ignore the Tommy guns – hence the grassy bases.

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