Monthly Archives: September 2010

Britannia Japanese Infantry

These were done long ago for the Britannia-sponsored build over at the Guild.  I’ve got about another forty of them to complete, including a couple of guns. People either love or hate Britannia – personally, I think they’re fantastic.

With this lot I’ve decided to change my basing style. Inspired by examples from the following link, the bases were first given a coat of GW Graveyard Earth and then drybrushed with GW Bleached Bone. Noch static grass and Silflor tufts were then used to liven things up.



More jungle pieces. Note that many of them have yet to be flocked.

SHQ Japanese infantry

These guys are tiny!  You don’t often see people using SHQ these days, especially their Japanese. The range is quite comprehensive, with everything from casualties to proper light machine gun teams (with assistants carrying proper, rectangular ammo pouches), all done in the usual slim SHQ style.