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IJA Bren Carrier

Made way back in 2008 for the Guild’s Captured Group Build, I found the model easy to assemble but a nightmare to clean up (like a number of SHQ’s other offerings). I’m happy with the way it turned out though.

I’d originally planned to deck out the carrier with an extra load of supplies as well as to cover parts of it with tea leaf foliage, but as I’d only an afternoon off I instead chose to rush out something more basic and simple. The figures are actually from SHQ’s Mediterranean British carrier crew pack; their original heads were replaced with Japanese ones from FAA and SHQ.

While I like my vehicles parade ground clean, I should have given this one a stronger wash to bring out the details, as well as a little white square the carrier’s new owners painted over the original unit marking on the fender, as forum member ‘Yekke’ wisely pointed out.

It’s based on a photo once available on the Overvalwagen forum, taken during the Malayan campaign.


somewhere in Malaya

Another picture from 2007