FAA Japanese

These days FAA has become a much overlooked name, which is a shame, as their ranges, in addition to covering some very unusual subjects (Greek Evzones and Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais, for example), are very nice.

Their Japanese range is unfortunately somewhat inconsistent because two sculptors were employed to complete it. Personally I prefer the handiworks of the late Paul Barnshaw, but sadly these do not include the riflemen, some of which are poorly done.

The figures paint up well, and the range not only features the usual buglers and standard bearers, but also a flamethrower and a submachine gun-armed chap. Things you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere.

The real downside to all of this, however, is the difficulty involved in getting these. Contacting FAA is apparently no easy matter (as reported on TMP and the Guild) and their fixed postal rate of $25.00 for international orders is as bad as it can get. A real shame really, because every Pacific gamer could do with a few more of these figures.

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