a beginning of sorts

Accompanying this blog’s first ever post are pictures of a very old and very unrealistic-looking hill that I made way back in April 2007. Unrealistic because I chose to glue together a stack of thin foam boards, one on top the other, which gave the piece step slopes and thus a sense of artificiality. The palm trees are paper ones sold by Siam Marketing at Central World; I have since discarded them in favour of shiny plastic ones available from Jatujak’s many aquarium stores.

The Japanese pictured above are from Sgt. Majors, while the Punjabs seen patrolling below are from Stonewall Figures. The latter are excellent little figures, being Paul Barnshaw sculpts, but are marred by indistinct looking sticks that are supposed to be, but look nothing like, .303 Enfields.

As I currently do not have my camera with me (the joys of having two homes!) this weekend’s posts will only feature old photos that should be familiar to visitors of the Guild. Hopefully I will manage to be consistent, and able to post on a weekly basis.


2 responses to “a beginning of sorts

  1. the hbo series the pacific is commendable on the authentic japanese tank that they used on the set. it baffled me on how they manage to find such a relic that is very hard to come by. on a lighter note, I was wondering a while back if there was any thought at all by anybody in japan on salvaging the remains of the Battle ship yamato from its ocean grave I think its about time that the big fellow stood up from its long slumber don’t you ?

  2. Hi ,I am not sure about the procedure here ,but if this comment is recorded,please let me know by email.
    The Jungle terrain article is excellent.At Isaan Miniature Models,we make our trees with silk leaves and natural palm trunks.The photography in the article is also very well done and will inspire many people to move into the jungle for a campaign or two………well done!

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